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10 Pleasant Street

Springvale, ME 04083

Driving Directions

For those coming from Sanford on Main Street, turn right at the stop light in Springvale.

For those coming from Acton or Shapleigh, turn left at the stop light in Springvale.

For those coming from Lebanon or Rochester, NH down Oak Street, proceed straight through the stop light.

From each of these directions, after the stoplight,  proceed with caution straight through the next intersection. (The road curves and the oncoming traffic has the right of way.) This will take you to the church parking lot located on the right in the back of the church on Payne Street.

Our primary parking is located in the back of the church. Overflow parking is available in the Notre Dame Catholic Church parking lot. The main entrance will take you to the base of the steps which leads up to the Sanctuary. For those needing an elevator, if you enter in the back parking lot and drive towards the church, on the left side is a slight decline which leads to another entrance. If you park and enter here, there is an elevator immediately across the hall which can take you to the Sanctuary on the second floor.

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